Det låg en kommentar i mitt spamfilter härom dagen.


Från och med nu måste jag skriva på engelska känner jag.

Hello, dear cna-classes-in-mn-cost. Thanks for visiting my humble blog and I appreciate that you cared enough to post a comment as well. But your comment made me wonder. You see, I am actually a writer, a published novelist. One of the things I take pride in is my wicked spelling skills. So please, if you are a returning visitor, be more specific on which posts I have misspelled something?

Could it actually be that I have confused you by writing in Swedish? Or – hemska tanke! – have you read my blog in google-translatish? That is a language of its own, you see, and really does not have to mirror my actual writing. And, if I dare to be a bit cheeky, you are no spelling wizard yourself. I see a couple of mistakes in your comment and for example do not really understand why you wrote ”I to find it very troublesome”. My guess is that you were meaning to write ”I do find…” etcetera. Which simply proves that spelling is a bitch sometimes and that you, as we say in Sweden, may have pooped in the blue cabinet on this one. But that is completely fine, friend. All of oss have troubles ”telling the reality” sometimes.

Do visit again, I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Suz.

P.S: Sorry about your stay in my spam department. Better luck next time.